Teachers on Vital Signs

Sue Richman,  Teacher, South Portland High School
I've been using Vital Signs in both my biology classes, my marine biology classes and I've really loved the way it makes students aware of the organisms that are all around them. Once they learn about the species, they become such keen observers and they recognize them wherever they go. I have students who come out with me on their own free time, they come out in the summer, they come out after school just so they can see what is living in the ocean which is real exciting.

Carey Hotaling,  Teacher, Falmouth High School
We start our school year out using Vital Signs as a way to remind them what science is all about and to get them engaged and having fun. There is no comparison with the Vital Signs program. It's excellent the way it integrates fieldwork and technology and listening to the students & the teachers, and providing resource help. It's really, really a dynamic, wonderful program. And the kids really like it.

Stephanie Dolan,  Teacher, Waynflete  School
They give me all the tools to do the work with the students and then they're there to follow up and to help me with any questions that pop up, and lots of questions pop up along the way. So it's made getting the kids outside & doing actual science and collecting data really accessible for me and for my students.

Patricia Bernhardt, Teacher, James F. Doughty Middle  School
One of the things that makes Vital Signs so easy for a teacher to use is invasive species are so readily available. I can walk outside my school with the kids and they can all have a field experience looking for invasive plants. We are now putting in a path along the soccer field, which has been our primary location to look for invasives. The students, as 8th graders, they are wondering what the impact of this paved path is going to have on the advance of the invasive species around the soccer field.

Stephanie Dixon, Teacher, Baldwin, Cornish. S. Hiram
One of my favorite aspects of the program are the games that come before the actual investigations. Kids really enjoy it, it gets them pumped up and  it gets them working together and having fun. So it sort of sets the stage for science being fun. It fits perfectly for me because it combines language arts, math, science, being outside & collaboration.

Pat Parent, Teacher, Massabesic High School
What Vital Signs means to me, it's given me and my students a real purpose. We have important work to do, we have missions in place, we've got investigations to do, we have a place that supports us, and helps us gather that information, and a place to submit it, a place to get feedback from scientists. So Vital Signs has really reenergized my teaching. And I'm thankful to Vital Signs for all they do