Kurt Bastian

Renewable Energy Consultant, SgurrEnergy

Squrr is a Scottish word for a peak, like a mountain, so it's peak energy. Squrr Energy is an energy consultancy. Our main goal is to help make renewable energy more viable, so we'll work for developers, lenders, or even manufacturers in renewable energy technologies. We're leaders in the offshore wind energy market, but we work with a lot of other renewable technologies, namely solar, and even helping make some tidal energies more viable. Maine was a good fit for us. There's talk of doing offshore wind here. Being connected with GMRI as well, it's important for us to know what's the latest in marine research and understanding of the impacts of these renewable energy power plants in the marine environment. If we end up working with some offshore Maine projects, being able to talk directly with marine experts and the fishermen, there's many different stakeholders in an offshore project, and this is a great plug-in to that, and being close to it can be very valuable. We're there to help make clean renewable energy technology economically and practically viable, and environmentally viable, so, yes, wherever the renewable technology takes us, we're going to be there.