Rauni Kew

Public Relations Manager, Inn by the Sea

The partnership that The Inn By the Sea has had with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute has really been a terrific one. Being a green hotel is no longer just about reducing waste, water, energy, and chemicals. It's really about supporting your local community, celebrating everything that's local, and really considering the environment in everything that you do.

Working with the Sustainable Seafood Program has been really terrific, because we've been able to introduce our guests to the concept of under-utilized seafood. It's been really inspirational for the staff and the resources that the Gulf of Maine Research Institute has been able to supply us with, the species cards, and going to Trawl to Table. The educational aspect of this has been very exciting for the staff, inspirational for the staff. It's been a learning experience for all if us, but it's also helped bring real interest and value to the dining experience in Sea Glass. Any time you have a really great story around food it just makes that dining experience more fun.

Chef Kaldrovich has really embraced the Sustainable Seafood Program. We have a conversation with our guest about sustainability, about the fishing industry in Maine, about the role that the underutilized seafood program and Out Of the Blue can have, and it really introduces our guests in a really delicious way to some of the other sustainable programs that we have going on at the Inn By the Sea. You know, we have dual-flush toilets and solar panels. We've got a habitat restoration project going on, but introducing all of that to our guests through really delicious, delectable seafood from the Gulf of Maine just makes it easy to start the conversation. And it's been fun for us to start that conversation with Out of the Blue. Partnering with the Gulf of Maine Research has just been a terrific for the Inn By the Sea, and it really helps us tell our message around sustainability.