Dana Hutchins

Founder / President / Creative Director, Image Works

Image Works is a web software application development company. We do custom web application development for corporations and not-for-profit organizations. What really sets Image Works apart is our focus on doing educational and informational web applications. That is one of our focuses and has been for many, many years,… and not only websites and web architectures, but also doing interactive multimedia, doing things like the Cohen Center here, developing all the back end software and, really, a lot of the experience architecture for the whole LabVenture! experience.

We've also worked on projects like Vital Signs and have had great success in developing those projects, and that's really been a gratifying set of projects for us to work on. This has been such an amazing community of people to be involved with, in terms of inspiration, in terms of aspiration, in terms of looking at science and data-driven processes, and, really, being more rigorous and so forth as well as being more innovative in a creative community. It's a great supportive community in so many ways.