Darrell Pardy

President, Bristol Seafood

It's important for us to have that marriage between business and science. This is a resource that has to be here long-term, and our commitment is that we should leave it better than we find it. And the best way to do that is with really good science. And so GMRI has acted, in some respects, almost like a sounding board for us. So we can go to them and say, ok what is the sustainability issue and how do you see that impacting long-term, and how is it going to impact our business, and what do you see consumers doing, and how is the science working on that, and what are the fishermen doing? So that's a huge area of expertise that we don't have. We have the business side of it and we have the market side of it, but there's a lot of the science and the fishing side that we don't really have.

They've also been a good partner for us in helping us look at ourselves, and are we being that responsible company, can we operate in a responsible manner and still make money? Really the key thing for us is to be a leader in responsible business. And the responsible component for us included sustainability but included much more than just sustainability. So in addition to only buying fish from sustainable fisheries we had to look at whether or not those fisheries were being fished in a responsible manner. So maybe the stocks were healthy and sustainable, but what kind of fishing gear was being used? Are the fishing boats using good green technology? What is the carbon footprint of the fish? We typically will not buy fish that's flown in.

In addition to being responsible in terms of the sourcing of the fish, it's critical to what we do with it when we get it here and how we sell it. How can we make our plant, how can we make our operation more green, once we actually physically have the fish in house? Make sure we're recovering the maximum amount of the fish, not having waste; is there a way we can better utilize water resources? In terms of when the fish is actually leaving here, what kind of packaging is it in? All of our packaging is biodegradable. A big thing for us is that in everything we do we want to have that kind of leadership role in terms of that responsibility –whether it's in the sourcing of the fish, the producing of the fish, or the selling of the fish.