John Annala

GMRI, Chief Scientific Officer

GMRI has had a number of partners over the years now that it's been running its research program.  We have worked with well over 125 different fishermen through the years on a number of research projects and thats very important for us because we don't really have a large research vessel that we can use to go out and do the research ourselves and also because fishermen are on the water it's their livelihood they know a lot of things that go on, on the water and the work that we do we often help them interpret what they're seeing and what they're finding from a scientific perspective.  But they really know where to go, and where to find fish, and where to catch fish, so it is very important for us to partner with fishermen. 

A number of the research ideas that we've gone forward with and  gotten funding for come from fishermen themselves.  They have approached us directly and asked us to work with them on specific projects and that's been very beneficial both to us and to the fisherman.

We've also had a number of partners and collaborators on the science side. To date we've collaborated and partnered with well over 25 scientific institutions from within Maine and around New England and also  nationally and internationally.  One of the main reasons having these scientific partners and collaborators is so important to GMRI is because we are a very small and specialized organization.