Celebrating Partners

The Gulf of Maine is a dynamic, constantly changing ecosystem. It takes a broad range of expertise and perspectives to unravel the ecosystem's mysteries and inform effective stewardship decisions. In any given year, numerous fishermen, scientists from other institutions, resource managers, and staff from other nonprofits contribute to GMRI's efforts to address critical information gaps. The challenge of preparing Maine's students for college, careers, and active citizenship in a rapidly changing world also demands strong partnerships. Our science education programs benefit from the insight of students, teachers, scientists, concerned citizens, state agencies, philanthropists, and other non-profits.

While it would be impractical to call out each of these partners individually, we recognize that their collective support and insight is invaluable. We view these collaborations as essential and deeply appreciate what they contribute to our efforts to address issues of local, regional, and national, and global relevance .A small sampling of their perspectives are featured below.

Interactive Learning Environments

Dana Hutchins, Founder / President / Creative Director, ImageWorks. Watch Video

Portland Maine to Bali Indonesia

Chris Fream, Senior Sales Executive, North Atlantic Seafood. Watch Video

Introducing Sustainability Deliciously

Rauni Kew, Public Relations Manager, Inn by the Sea. Watch Video

Next Generation Science Standards

Anita Bernhardt, Science and Technology Specialist, Maine Department of Education. Watch Video

Wherever Renewables Take Us

Kurt Bastian, Renewable Energy Consultant, SgurrEnergy. Watch Video

Exploring Thorny Issues

Jonathan Labaree, GMRI, Director of Community Initiatives. Watch Video

Suited for an Ecosystem Approach

Steve Cadrin, Director, Cooperative Marine Education and Research Program, School for Marine Science and Technology, UMass Dartmouth. Watch Video

Veterinary Services for Aquaculture

Jason Collins, Sales and Technical Manager, FishVet Group. Watch Video

Science in a Small State

Linda Mercer, Director, Bureau of Marine and Searun Science, Maine Department of Marine Resources. Watch Video

100's of Fishermen and Scientists

John Annala, GMRI, Chief Scientific Officer. Watch Video

Better Than We Found It

Darrell Pardy, President, Bristol Seafood. Watch Video

Flexibilities Through Sectors

Josh Wiersma, Sector Manager, New Hampshire Groundfish Sectors. Watch Video

Science Addressing Society's Needs

Russell Brown, Deputy Science and Research Director, Northeast Fishery Science Center. Watch Video

Climate and Ecosystems

Don Anderson, Senior Scientist WHOI Director, Cooperative Institute for the North Atlantic Region (CINAR). Watch Video

Teachers on Vital Signs

Six teachers from the Vital Signs community share about their experiences with the program. Watch Video

As a Responsible Company

George Parmenter, Sustainability Manager, Delhaize America / Hannaford Supermarkets. Watch Video

For Fishermen by Fishermen

John Williamson, Co-Founder and Program Lead, Marine Resource Education Program, New England. Watch Video

How Kids Learn Science and Math

Jan Mokros, Executive Director, Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance. Watch Video

One of the Most Powerful Tools

Frank Mirarchi, Fisherman, F/V Barbara Peters. Watch Video

Partnerships Are Absolutely Critical

Alan Lisheness, GMRI, Chief Innovation Officer. Watch Video

More Bang for the Buck

Pete Jumars, Past Director, School of Marine Sciences, University of Maine. Watch Video

Vegetables from the Sea

Paul Dobbins, President, Ocean Approved. Watch Video