Over the past decade GMRI has assembled the capacity, credibility, and network of relationships to take on the challenge of cultivating science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) literacy in Maine's next generation.

Every year, we provide thousands of middle school students with free, world-class science learning opportunities—at our lab, in the field, and online. Our educational programs ignite the curiosity, ambition, and problem-solving potential of our next generation. They connect scientific discovery to the region's rich natural resources, the issues that impact students' daily lives, and the local scientific community.

We recognize the impact that outstanding professional development and science curriculum resources can have on the effectiveness of educators, and we strive to ensure all of Maine's teachers have access to tools and assets that help ensure their success. This effort has placed GMRI at the center of efforts to respond to the National Research Council's Framework for K-12 Science Education, a call for more effective science standards in public schools. We've also captured the imagination of the 100Kin10 partners, who have asked us to join in on the national initiative to increase the number of highly qualified STEM teachers.

As the successes of our innovative programs elevate us to the national stage, we are helping to define the path that puts Maine on the map as one of the nation's most STEM literate states.