Training and Convening

The fishing industry is facing unprecedented challenges, but new science, management methods, gear improvements, and collaborative opportunities are providing unconventional pathways for success. GMRI specializes in helping marine communities work through these complex issues. We serve as a neutral convener to facilitate dialogue and provide objective assistance to all stakeholders.

We assembled industry representatives and scientists this year to examine critical management issues related to key Gulf of Maine species. In October, we spread our reach overseas and assisted with a workshop that facilitated dialogue on contentious issues related to the Irish Sea scallop fishery.

We also launched our industry newsletter, Waypoints. The publication serves a new and important role in the community, highlighting the efforts and outcomes of fishermen and scientists working together in novel ways.

Several new educational forums afforded us increased opportunities to encourage adoption of innovative strategies on the water, in the marketplace, in the community, and in the management system. We showcased new gear, nurtured strong relationships throughout the industry, and helped bring key obstacles to innovation into focus.

We also continued to facilitate the Marine Resource Education Program (MREP), which brings fishermen, scientists, and managers together in a neutral settings to explore differences and common goals. A new 200-level version of the program allowed participants to delve further into stock assessment and get hands on with the science that feeds into management decisions.

Challenges and Opportunities

GMRI buoys industry success
by cultivating innovation
throughout the supply chain.

Convening on Cod and Cusk

GMRI facilitates dialog among stakeholders on the science and management of key
Gulf of Maine species.

Hands on with Assessment

Russ Brown of NOAA explains how MREP provides a unique look at the science and processes behind
fisheries management.

Relationships and Learning

Fisherman Vincent Balzano
summarizes his 10 years of experience
with GMRI's education programs.