Technical Assistance

GMRI has worked closely with the New England groundfish industry to help it through its fundamental transition to sector management. Our ongoing suite of technical assistance projects builds individual, organizational, and structural resilience within the new management framework.

As the backbone of the industry, sectors must operate as strong, effective organizations. This year, we provided extensive operational effectiveness training to sectors and worked with them to build realistic, robust business models. We also continued to collaborate with the Monitoring Working Group on strategies for the pending transition to industry-funded monitoring programs.

During the summer, we published an educational guide to the exemptions afforded to sectors from federal antitrust law. This document provided sector managers with a unique resource for informing their various marketing initiatives.

Fisheries around the world are looking to the New England model as they navigate similar changeovers in management. Through our technical support of the local industry, we hope to ease its transition and help other regions adapt its successful models.

The Next Big Step

Sector viability project prepares
fishing cooperatives for
expected transition away from
federal assistance.

A Model For Innovation

New publication exports the
lessons we've learned through the
transition to sector management.

Trusted Facilitator

Sector Manager Josh Wiersma examines how GMRI improves communications between sectors, scientists, and officials.

Navigating Rough Seas

Fisherman Frank Mirarchi discusses
how properly supported sectors
can help fishermen through
complex challenges