Sustainable Seafood

GMRI's sustainable seafood effort cultivates the economic and ecologic sustainability of the Gulf of Maine seafood industry. We collaborate with stakeholders throughout the supply chain to address the unique challenges and opportunities of the region.

Our work with retailers continued to grow this year. Seven licensed dealers are now providing Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested seafood, representing about $16 million in annual sales. In March, we helped to roll out one of the most comprehensive seafood sourcing policies in North America for Hannaford and other Delhaize America grocery stores.

We held our second Trawl to Table forum in June to build connections between local fishermen and chefs while sharing the latest industry research on fishing gear technology. The program this year was extended to a full-day format and included gear demonstrations and discussions on fisheries management and handling techniques to increase quality.

Throughout the summer, we held Out of Blue promotions targeted at raising consumer awareness of lesser-known seafood options from the Gulf of Maine. The promotions spurred local participation and national attention, driving an increased number of fishermen to target the highlighted species.

Sustainable Sourcing

GMRI helps launch nationwide seafood sourcing policy at Hannafords and other Delhaize America grocery stores.

Connecting with Chefs

Restaurateurs and GMRI collaborate to diversify markets and improve quality handling of Gulf of Maine seafood.

Lessons from Indonesia

GMRI's Sustainable Seafood team shares their exploration of unconventional approaches to sustainability in Southeast Asia.